Artificial Intelligence = A Major Paradigm Shift


For the past few months I have been doing a lot of reading about artificial intelligence and other future technologies. I have posted  articles in the past on the subject which received very little interest. It makes me wonder what it will take for people to take notice of the dramatic changes coming our way. As I think about technology and our future the following questions come to mind.

How long will it take for the big box retailers to employ artificial intelligence buying systems that are combined with big data?

Will artificial intelligence sales systems take the place of humans?

How will manufacturers make a profit when all costs and competitors are known by the artificial intelligent buyers?

How will holographic and virtual reality technology change the way we travel, communicate, and experience the world?

Will Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other retailers become irrelevant due to 3D printing?

What industries will be viable in the future?

What will happen to all of the fast food workers and waitresses when orders are taken by tablet? This is now being employed because of the $15 per hour minimum wage.

What will happen to all of the pharmacists when machines dispense your medication?

What will happen to all of the admin people once suitable artificial intelligent admin systems are available?

What will happen to buyers and salespeople when AI systems take over

Will there be a need for sales training?

What skills will be most useful in our new society?

How long will it take for our society to become cashless?

How long will it take for chips to be implanted into humans merging man and machine?

If an artificial intelligent automobile gets into an accident who will be at fault?

If an artificial intelligent robot commits a crime who will be responsible?

What will the role of humans be in our society?

There are many other questions like these that we will face in our lifetimes. Many of them can’t be answered until we are faced with the actual circumstances. In 20 years our world will be a much different place. Are you be prepared to deal with the changes that are coming? Are you be ready to thrive and prosper?

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