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If you are looking for a no-nonsense guide for how to improve your selling skills, business acumen, and overall success in life, look no further!

With over thirty years experience of firsthand sales experience, Michael Mirarchi has compiled his wealth of business knowledge into this easy-to-use, practical guide.

Read these kinds of books before? Found a lot of fluff and vague advise? You won’t find any of that here. Mirarchi uses plain English to lay out the actionable tips and strategies he’s employed in his own life to keep learning, growing, and succeeding.

A respected leader in the industry, Mirarchi tackles everything from how to price your product to the importance of personal conduct. Let his new guide show you how to be your best self-in and out of the office.

Mirarchi believes there’s nothing worst than wasted talent or unpursued dreams. If you suspect you’re accepting mediocrity or stagnating on a plateau, Mirarchi’s guide offers the wisdom you need to pack up and keep climbing-regardless of whether you’re selling toilet paper or Lamborghinis!

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Sales Wisdom from a Toilet Paper Salesman: A Handbook for B2B Sales, Sales Management, Leadership and Life Success: Mirarchi, Michael: 9780692732892: Books

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